Bible Classes Don’t Just Happen

In 2007 the “Rocky Mtn Christian” published an article titled ‘Dynamic Bible Classes Don’t Just Happen’. Dynamic or otherwise, it is certain that Bible classes do not just happen.
We usually have two or three ongoing weekly scheduled Bible classes for the members of this church. Sadly, it seems the majority of the church does not avail themselves of these opportunities to study God’s word.
Let us briefly note six ingredients necessary for a Bible class. As you read consider which of these, if any, you are doing.
First, for a Bible class to happen, it will take prayer. No, not the opening and closing prayer during class time. In this case prayer refers to the continued prayers of the teacher and students for the blessing of God upon the effort to learn His will for our lives, that hearts will be open to the Word, and that souls would come to a knowledge of the truth.
Secondly, attendance is necessary. What if the class assembled and the teacher never appears. What happens? The answer is the same if the teacher is there and the student(s) never arrive!
Next, Bible classes take planning. This is one of the reasons we have themes for the year & quarters. The students & teachers must have an understanding of what is to be accomplished in study.
Another ingredient is time. We’re not talking about the 45 minutes we spend in class. It takes time for the teacher to prepare. It should also take time for the students to prepare. How much time do you spend preparing for class? (assuming you come to class)
Fifth, for a Bible class to ‘happen’ takes study. This involves reading, thinking about what is read and making the application to one’s life. A key ingredient in studying is memorization of scripture.
Finally, the last ingredient for the study to happen is sacrifice. This may be the key ingredient that makes the other five possible. This may also be the reason so few attend Bible class!
Let’s add a seventh ingredient–You!

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