Thoughts on Worship

The church assembles together upon the first day of the week primarily to worship God. The primary factor in our worship is its acceptability to God. (If not, then why worship?) Our worship, then, must be according to His revealed will. In John 4:24 we are commanded to worship in spirit and in truth.
Consider briefly some “spirit” matters regarding our worship.
In our worship to God we should offer our best efforts. Is our worship worthy of the Lord? Do we dare come before the Creator in a careless or flippant manner?
We must worship with reverence and awe(Heb. 12:28). Worship must be conducted in such a way that souls are edified and well-fed. The worship service should be a time of learning more about God and His will for us.
All of these things should be on our minds as we assemble. So, how should we prepare for our worship assemblies? Here are some suggestions.

Show respect by our silence(Psalms 46:10)

Be prepared to listen and ACCEPT instruction from God’s word(Josh 3:9; Psalms 119:117).

Clear your mind of all thoughts that would draw your attention away from God. Think thoughts of praise and adoration for God(Hab.
2:20; James 4:8).

Understand that worship is a solemn occasion. It is not “showtime” or “happy hour” that brings us together. Rather, it is standing on holy ground in the presence of our Creator. This sacred reverence should be reflected in our attitudes, our dress, our singing, our prayers, our communion, and lessons. Because Jesus is with us as we assemble, we must respect His majesty and power(Mt. 28:18).

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